To all new moms: you are doing the greatest job!

I am a new mom to a very happy and handsome little guy (proud mama here!). As a new mom I see my time being consumed in a way that I cannot quite understand or explain. My routine is not having a routine; is seeing my daily plans being put aside without me realizing it, and just accomplishing what is possible. I came to accept that accomplishments (in the way I used to define them), don’t quite mean the same thing. Nowadays, I accomplish getting showered, dressed, and very rarely getting my make up done. My house does not look the same. The time I get to work is fragmented in order to fulfill the needs of my baby (which always comes first). Way too many times I was unsure on how to answer the question: what did you do today? Felt like nothing and a lot at the same time.
That is when I came across this blog post from Motherly. I then realized that I am accomplishing something invaluable. I am raising my baby to be healthy and happy. The work I am doing, might not be as obvious as the other work I’ve done in my life, but it’s for sure the best and most important one I have ever done!
I hope you enjoy the read as much as I did!

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